Posted on by Vanie Ho

Lingerie is the most intimate product we put on every day in our lives. Therefore, it make sense to pick the one that best fits our bodies. Not only do we need our lingerie collection to be comfortable, we also need it to pertain our perfect body shape or even to recreate our ideal-shaped body.


With the help of Sunna Character’s shaper bras, we are able to help one to reshape the ideal-shaped body and this is why we are different from other bras in the market:


  1. We help reduce accessory breast (third breast) to form a natural boost to the breast

Yes! Sunna Character’s shaper bra helps reduce it or even make the accessory breast completely gone! We design our shaper bras’ side wings to be taller, this helps the overall coverage, pushing unwanted underarm fat towards the breast area. After a persistent use of the shaper bra, the accessory breast will be gone, making it belong to the breast area, which in return, to form a natural boost to the breast. On the other hand, bras in the market has typically shorter side wings. Since it will have less cover in the underarm, it pushes fat outside the bra and into the underarm area, creating unwanted third breast.

  1. We stop the formation of accessory breast and back breast

Sunna Character’s shaper bras has double strips built-in on the side wings. This is to push the side + back fats forward and locks it down towards the front, making the breast to look more centralized. Overall, the body will look skinnier. On the other hand, bras in the market usually uses only one or no side strip so it has no support to the fat. This way, the fat will be disperse all over the body, making the overall body to look bulky.

  1. We help breast support (For bigger cup size only)

We understand sometimes big breasts can be really heavy and we are here to reduce the pain. Sunna Character shaper bras uses 3-4 adjustable back hooks and fatter shoulder straps (1.5-2cm) for a better breast support. On the other hand, bras in the market typically uses 2 back hooks and thin shoulder straps so there no breast support. This will eventually cause severe back pain.