Posted on by Vanie Ho

Anti-odor + Anti-bacterial Sports Tank Top Bra


I personally love all sorts of sports activities in groups. Last week my friend invited me to go for indoor biking. I say, why not? It seems really fun too! Basically we were biking in a black-light environment with blasting club music. We had an instructor in front and we followed the music rhythm to bike + to do some hand push-ups simultaneously. Very intense wasn’t it? Of course it was! When the previous class session ended everyone was sweating all over their bodies! It seems very disgusted but at the time it was all worth it.


Well I am also a very sweaty kind of girl so I bet I would came out the same as the rest from the last class – sweaty and smelly. However, after 50 minutes of intense indoor biking, I did not feel the sweat at all! Surprised?


I would not say I was surprised as I knew it could quite possibly happen with the tank top I was wearing. This anti-odor tank top is gifted for those who is sports enthusiast or simply just sweats a lot! Its anti-microbial and anti-odor properties helps absorbs sweats, keeps cool, dry and comfortable at all times. Also, the fabric stretches 4-ways, so it’s very stretchy, giving the full flexibility one needs during workout. Cool isn’t it? Well the benefits doesn’t just ends here. It is also a built-in-bra tank top, meaning I would not have to wear an extra bra inside, it already has its cushioned pads in the inner side of the tank top! Fascinating~


I would say this bra top is perfect for many occasions. It fits for yoga, hiking, biking, jogging or even my daily wear.