Posted on by Vanie Ho

Today a customer (Kelly) came into our store looking for Sunna Character Shaper Bra:

Kelly: I haven’t tried shaper bra before and would like to see how it could help me

Sales: Just by looking at you I would say that your breasts are pointing outward. By wearing our shaper bra, I am quite certain we can help. You may try some shaper bras that helps centralized your breasts. You can see the difference it gives you once you try it on.

Kelly proceeds to try on the shaper bra

Sales: Now, to properly put on a shaper bra, you need to bend your body down a little bit while you buckle the back hooks. Then, use your hands to push your side fat towards the front. Adjust the shoulder straps to a point where you can fit just one finger in. Once you push the side fats towards the front, the shaper bra helps locks the fat towards the front, making the breast to look more centralized.

Kelly: Oh yes I can see the difference now. The bra that I used to wear makes my body looks unnatural when the breasts are pointing away. Now my breasts are pointing towards the front, it seems like my body less bulky too!

Sales: That’s correct, it looks less bulky because the side fat is towards the front now. You probably didn’t know that they are actually part of your breast. You just pushed it away to your armpit area. Shaper bra can help you, but do know that wearing a shaper bra needs persistency and consistency in order to help you reshape your breasts. You cannot just wear it once or twice in a week and expect it to help you reshape your body.